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Rage is back

by Adam Mansbach

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Kicked out of school, Dondi stumbles upon his estranged father, "Rage," who has come back to NYC to settle an old score.  A legendary graffiti artist, "Rage" revives a network of "ninjas" from New York's glory days to paint the town every imaginable color.  Written in a first-person cadence that quickly draws you in, this novel...

Graffiti moon

by Cath Crowley

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On the last night of High School, Lucy goes on a quest. Her goal? To finally meet Shadow, the graffiti artist who speaks to her through his art, who she feels really gets her even though they've never met. Ed (who Lucy went on a disastrous first date with two...

Great documentaries about the arts

cover for exit through the gift shop

I’ve been looking for some extra inspiration in the studio lately, so I’m revisiting favorite documentaries on the arts.

Exit Through the Gift Shop - Banksy created this film using footage from a French shop owner obsessed with graffiti and meeting Banksy. Beautiful images, and a surprising twist.

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