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Gender failure

by Ivan E. (Ivan Elizabeth) Coyote

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This book will challenge your notions about gender, including the male/female binary and what transgender means to you. Coyote and Spoon created this book out of live performances they did all over Canada and the United States, shows that incorporated music, animation, and stories. Along with the stories, photographs, song...

Queerly beloved : a love story across gender

by Diane Anderson-Minshall

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What would happen to your relationship if your partner of 15 years realized they were a different gender? This is the question at the core of Diane and Jacob's honest and thought-provoking memoir. Diane and Suzy tell of their long-term lesbian relationship, and of Suzy's transition to Jacob, and how...

For today I am a boy

by Kim Fu

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A beautifully written exploration of identity and fitting in. Peter Huang was born in a small town in Canada to first generation immigrants from China. His father, delighted to have a boy after 2 girls, names him Juan Chaun, "powerful king." Peter grows up with his three sisters, knowing inside...


by Kristin Clark

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This novel in verse explores gender identity through the eyes of various folks on all parts of the spectrum. Brendan never felt like a super masculine guy, but he hasn't always wanted to be a girl, either. Angel, who Brendan meets at a center for GLBT teens, befriends Brendan and...

Seldom Screened Cinema Series 2013

Join us as we explore the many facets of Identity.

The Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library presents the Seldom Screened Cinema: Identity: Perception, Social Misconception and Self-Determination. This year's film series focuses on the many aspects of identity in the African American community and how identity is shaped by internal and external forces.

The lava in my bones

by Barry Webster

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When you think of Magical Realism, Canada is not the first country to come to mind. Nonetheless, The Lava in My Bones takes place in Labrador, which is home to an interesting family headed by a religiously devout and intensely god-fearing mother. She is bent on saving her family after acquiring the urine...

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