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Designing with plants

by Piet Oudolf

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Piet Oudolf’s eye for design and plant combinations is exciting and has landed him as one of the leaders of the New Perennial Movement. He has a talent for combining the feel of nature and highly controlled design. His books are enjoyable to look at both for his finished gardens...

Miniature Gardening

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Whether you call them miniature gardens, tabletop gardens, or fairy gardens these tiny, darling landscapes are beautiful and simple enough for anyone to create. Because they are basically container gardens, they are perfect for any space, any lighting and any conditions!

Many of our local gardening stores have miniature plants and even tiny accessories. When I was last at Rabbit Shadow Farm, they mentioned that they would be introducing their own line of fairy garden furniture this fall. Taking a class at the Denver Botanic Gardens offered by Rabbit Shadow Farms was what first got me started in fairy gardening.

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Are you looking for help with your garden or home project? Or looking to plan new projects as the rain falls?

Check out Home & Garden under Research for recommended web sites and for articles in subscription databases on gardening, home maintenance and repair. The site I'm most interested in today is CSU Extension Xeriscape Information (under Garden & Xeriscape.)

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