Reviews and Blog Posts: Frontier and Pioneer life

Butcher's Crossing

by John (John Edward) Williams

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A literary western, Butcher's Crossing tells the story of Harvard dropout Will Andrews, who heads west to "see as much of the country as [he] can" after being inspired by a lecture by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Will finds himself in Butcher's Crossing, Kansas, where he hooks up with a grizzled...

One thousand white women

by Jim Fergus

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Angle of repose

by Wallace Stegner

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Wallace Stegner is known as one of the West's greatest writers. I had read his non-fiction, and thought I'd introduce myself to his fiction with this Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Confined to a wheelchair in a house built by his grandparents, Oliver and Susan Ward, historian Lyman Ward sorts through...

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