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Food Truck Nation

One of the more enjoyable eating trends in recent years has been the rise of the humble food truck from greasy purveyor of basic fare like hotdogs and cotton candy to gourmet restaurant on wheels, serving everything from curry rice omelets to cardamom-spiced doughnuts. If you love food trucks, the library has some terrific resources for you.

If you have ever dreamed of creating that street flavor at home, you are in luck, because author and food truck devotee John T. Edge has just published The Truck Food Cookbook, which is filled with delicious and easy-to-follow recipes from food trucks across the country. Make Korean short ribs (from Los Angeles) or coconut veggie chicken crepes (from Philadelphia). Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet potato cupcakes (from Durham, NC) or Shaker lemon pie (from San Francisco).

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