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Researching Friday the 13 in Reference Room Wanderings

The Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Friday the 13th in one of the most widely spread superstitions and as May hosts the only Friday the 13th in 2016 I thought it fitting to explore the history of Friday the 13th via Reference Room resources.* 


by Naomi Novik

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Uprooted is the story of a wizard who every 10 years chooses a girl from the village of Dvernik. The latest is Agnieszka, who turns out to be a witch with a lot of unique powers.  Along with the wizard she must protect the land from the Wood which corrupts...

Listening for the Tommyknockers

Tommyknockers in a Mine. Joseph Blight, 1873

'Ave you 'eard of the Tommy Knockers
In the deep dark mines of the west
Which Cornish miners 'ear?
And 'tis no laughin' jest,
For I'm a Cornish miner,
An' I'll tell you of it today,
Of the "knock-knock-knock" of a tiny pick,
As we work in the rock and clay.

- Old miner's ballad

Fairy tale comics : [classic tales told by extraordinary cartoonists]

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I have never outgrown my love of fairy tales and I can’t get enough of Fairy Tale Comics! True to it’s name, this is a collection of fairy tales retold in comic book form by some of the biggest names in comics. Each story is unique, drawn by a different...

Where the mountain meets the moon

by Grace Lin

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Minli lives in a poor village and her family is the poorest of all. Her mother always sighs for riches, but her father is rich with stories that he tells. One day, Minli sets off to find the Old Man of the Moon at the Never-Ending Mountain who will tell...

The tale of Tricky Fox : a New England trickster tale

by Jim Aylesworth

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Tricky Fox bragged to Brother Fox that stealing chickens was too easy - he was going to steal an entire pig! How would he carry such a heavy load? Why, he'd get a human to put it in his sack and he would carry it back. If he didn't, well,...

The twin giants

by Dick King-Smith

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There once lived twin giant brothers, Lottavim and Normus. They had a happy life on their mountainside, but soon grew older and wanted to find wives. Of course, they wanted giant wives, and so they had to go out on a quest to find pretty giants living on other mountains....

The vanities

by Terence Lawlor

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What if instead of fancy ballgowns or graceful dancing, princesses were judged by their hair? This book tells a story that is similar to Cinderella, but the courtier with the best hair will become ruler of the kingdom! What's even better than the story, though, is the amazing collage art....

The Bearskinner : a tale of the Brothers Grimm

by Laura Amy Schlitz

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A soldier is walking through the woods one winter night, contemplating how he has no food and nowhere to sleep. He notices he is being followed by the devil. He knows that he shouldn't make a bargain with him, but when a bear appears, he shoots it and starts the...

Glass slipper, gold sandal : a worldwide Cinderella

by Paul Fleischman

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Cinderella is a story that is told around the world, each culture with its own variation. In this book, the author has collected these different versions and blended them together - one page is from Ireland, the next page from Japan, another page from Iraq. It's really fun to see...

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