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Miss Fisher's murder mysteries. Series 1

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Set in Melbourne during the 1920’s, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is a fun and less gory take on the typical murder mystery. Phryne Fisher is a wealthy flapper whose devil may care attitude conceals her continued obsession with the disappearance and presumed death of her sister. The series is funny and...

Our Dancing Daughters: Hollywood's Zenith of the Jazz Era

Joan Crawford in Our Dancing Daughters. Photo:

A film considered the great apex of the silent film era, Our Dancing Daughters is a perfect time capsule of 1920s high society and a showcase for the young woman formerly known as Lucille Le Sueur -- Joan Crawford.

She rose to fame as the quintessential Jazz Baby -- a woman of social means and relaxed morals who was liberated of the corsets and sexual mores of the previous age. And Joan Crawford was embraced by American and international film fans as the ideal movie star. She remained a box office favorite until the late 1940s and never stopped being a star until her death in 1977.

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