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The long way to a small, angry planet

by Becky Chambers

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Rosemary paid dearly for a new life on board Wayfarer, a ship that creates wormholes so people can travel quickly across galaxies. She finds herself aboard a ship of endearing misfits; a created family that is both suspicious and welcoming. While Rosemary's secrets seem to shadow all of her thoughts,...

Joss Whedon : conversations

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I have never really been a a big fan of biographies. Maybe it's because I have personally felt that knowing where a famous figure grew up is not particularly beneficial, except in trivia. But Conversations is formatted completely different from most biographies and it made it enjoyable to read. 

Joss Whedon is a GENIUS

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season one

With the Avengers tearing it up at the box office I am prompted to pay homage to the genius behind the action blockbuster of the summer.

Joss Whedon has long been a cult favorite, from his creation of a certain cheerleader who moonlights as a vampire slayer, to his amazing futuristic weird western, he has always flown a bit below the radar. Now with the Avengers kickin' butt and takin' names at the box office perhaps this under-appreciated auteur will finally make the A-list!

Long time fans of Whedon have always appreciated his witty and oddball brand of humor. Smart, fast paced, filled with in-jokes that are said with a certain wry flair are some of his trademarks.

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