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Quicksand : a Nora Khalil novel

by Carolyn Baugh

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A solid start to a new mystery series featuring Nora Khalil, a Philadelphia police officer assigned to work with the FBI's Safe Streets Task Force. Khalil brings many skills to the table, including her background as a track star and her knowledge of Arabic languages and Islamic culture. She brings...

Lock in

by John Scalzi

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A science fiction novel for mystery fans? A mystery novel for science fiction fans? How about just a great read with interesting characters, detailed and thoughtful world-buidling, and plenty of twists and turns? Millions of people have been affected by "lock in," the third stage of Haden's disease, which leaves...


by Douglas J Preston

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This fast-paced thriller is the first in Preston & Child’s wildly successful Agent Pendergast series. A museum expedition is wiped out by something monstrous in the jungle, but not before sending crates of relics back to the U.S. The story moves on to the Museum of Natural History in New...

Rage against the dying

by Becky Masterman

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Brigid Quinn is 59, retired from the FBI, and hoping to put the secrets and lies of her past behind her as she settles into life with her new husband Carlo in Tuscon. When someone confesses to being the Route 66 killer--and the murderer of Quinn's young protegee--Quinn again finds...

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