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Who better to kick off this blog about fashion than the iconic David Bowie who inspired millions with his music and funky clothing choices? No one, RIP Bowie your legend lives on. (Feel free to bug your co-workers by blasting Fashion loudly while reading this blog.)

Luckiest girl alive

by Jessica Knoll

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Here's the thing about Luckiest Girl Alive: it's fluff.  It's being billed as some kind of thriller, but it really fails to live up to that claim.  Once I realized this, however, and just accepted that I was reading some kind of Sara Shepard -esque drama, I... enjoyed it.

Star wars costumes : the original trilogy

by Brandon Alinger

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When I picked up this collection I had no idea that I would be as blown away as I ended up being. The photography in this book shows the exquisite details of all the pieces that were used in the films. One of my favorite discoveries provided by this book...

1968 - The Fashion

Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1960s - false eyelashes

The 1960s were quite a decade! And 1968 was quite a year! According to the exhibit at History Colorado, "It was the year that rocked history." Oh, and yours truly was born.

1968 rocked history but it also rocked fashion!

Love looks not with the eyes : thirteen years with Lee Alexander McQueen

by Anne Deniau

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This book is a unique look at Alexander Mcqueen’s work from a behind the scenes perspective. I enjoyed it because it has a more intimate feel than other books presenting a portfolio view of his work. I really appreciated the arrangement by shows and with the pre-post show photos you...

The asylum : a collage of couture reminiscences ...and hysteria

by Simon Doonan

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Simon Doonan, author, fashion commentator, and creative ambassador for Barneys New York shares his insider stories in his new book, The asylum : a collage of couture reminiscences ...and hysteria.  He delivers his entertaining and edifying real-life essays in his signature witty bon mots style.  It appears he has taken...

"Steampunk is What Happens When Goths Discover Brown" -Jess Nevins


Welcome, welcome, welcome ladies and gentlemen to the weird and wonderful world of steampunk. What is steampunk you ask? Why, it is many things, but let's call it an aesthetic sensibility. Gears, corsets, dirigibles, and don't forget your goggles. There is steampunk music, fashion, art, and of course books!

Steampunk has its roots in the scientific romances of the mid-19th century but really took flight (steam powered of course!) in the 1980s and most recently in the aught-aughts. A group of writers (Jeter, Blaylock, Powers) working in southern California would meet up at their local watering hole and realized they were all writing similar works, as a joke they called it "Steampunk".

Madeleine Vionnet

by Betty Kirke

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The oversize hardback is a pleasure to read, tracing Ms. Vionnet's progression from a child seamstress to "queen mother of haute couture."  A true unexpected treasure is the inclusion of complete patterns for Ms. Vionnet's sumptuous designs. A b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l book about an amazing French designer.


by Shōichi Aoki

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Fabulous, weird strange ugly beautiful amazing living fashion just love this series, there is another one that DPL owns called "Fresh Fruits" check it out!

Flapper : a madcap story of sex, style, celebrity, and the women who made America modern

by Joshua Zeitz

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Sometimes I think goth, punk, and the retro styles now seen are variations on the flapper rebellion of the 1920s.  Zeitz manages to bring scholarship to the topic without making the flapper's story too boring.

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