Reviews and Blog Posts: Farm to Table


by Magnus Nilsson

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I was introduced to chef Magnus Nilsson through the PBS show Mind of A ChefNilsson is the owner and head chef of Faviken in Sweden (making it very tempting to just refer to him as "The Swedish Chef," which brings back images of another very famous (puppet) chef hailing from...

In the kitchen with Alain Passard : inside the world (and mind) of a master chef

by Christophe Blain

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Illustrated by the French graphic novelist Christophe Blain, In the Kitchen with Alain Passard (2013) provides insights into the hectic yet rarified universe of the eponymous chef.  Moving from Passard’s three-Michelin-star restaurant in Paris to his country house and biodynamic gardens, In the Kitchen feels like a collection of episodes sketched on the...

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