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Adult Sci-fi and Fantasy book club at the Central Library

Ancillary Justice

We had a great first session of the new adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club! There is a pretty even divide between Planners and People Who Don't Know What Planning Is (I'm emphatically in the second camp) so as a compromise, we're planning about 3 months in advance. I may have done some breathing exercises to handle the forethought required.

First meeting of the adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club at Central!

I love this book. You should love it too.

The first meeting of the Central Library's Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club is Tuesday, 6 October from 6:45-8 p.m. We're meeting in the 1st floor book club room which is in the Burhnam Hoyt room (where the new books are) on the NE side of the Library.


Sci-fi and Fantasy book club for adults at the Central Library starts on Tuesday, 6 Oct from 6:45-8 PM

This is Middle Earth from space. Of course.

Lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy rejoice! By popular demand (well, polite request, really), the Central Library is starting a sci-fi and fantasy book club for adults.


We're going to meet on either a Monday or Tuesday evening from 6:30 or 7 to 8. Please leave a comment saying what would be the best day and time for you. I'm thinking the first Monday or Tuesday because that's pretty easy to remember.


by Doug TenNapel

Reviewer Rating:

     If you've never read a Doug TenNapel graphic novel then you are missing out. He writes books that are full of action adventure and a few chuckles as well. The title of this book caught my attention as I could not imagine how a graphic novel could revolve...

Plaza Voices: Películas de ciencia ficción y fantasía

Cover of Sleep Dealer/Traficante de Sueños, available from DPL

This week, our regular contributor Desiree S. writes:

Robots! Aliens! Time travel? What do these things share in common (other than being awesome)? They are all subjects of movies you can check out at DPL while also improving your Spanish speaking skills.

The screaming staircase

by Jonathan Stroud

Reviewer Rating:

The audio book version was terrifically performed!

Maddy West and the tongue taker

by Brian Falkner

Reviewer Rating:

   Maddy West has an incredible gift-she can speak any language in the world after hearing someone speak it. This makes her a valuable friend to Kazuki her Japanese pal and also makes her sought after by evil forces. Falkner does take some plot liberties here and there  and as...

Kilt Tease

Planning an Outlander party to swoon with other fans? ​

Guid gear comes in sma' bulk!

Good things come in small packages and your wee library card connects you to the World. Checkout the following resources to create a party worthy of the Scottish Highlands, even if you haven't read all eight books in the series!

Magic strikes

by Ilona Andrews

Reviewer Rating:

Looking for a new Urban Fantasy series with lots of action and just enough romance? Ilona Andrews delivers. In their (they are a husband/wife writing team) third installment in the Kate Daniels series, Kate fights for her friend in the Midnight Games, a forbidden survival-of-the-magical-fittest contest. But she doesn't count...

Finnikin of the rock

by Melina Marchetta

Reviewer Rating:

I recently overheard a sister tell her brother that Finnikin of the Rock was her favorite book as they were picking out their SOR prizes.  Finnikin is the story of a land that has been invaded.  The ruling king’s family along with many of the inhabitants has been slain and...

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