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Geek Love: Come See DPL at Denver Comic Con

With Fan Girl's Guide to the Galaxy, we've got you covered at DCC and beyond!

Alright nerds, we've got less than ten days to go before Denver Comic Con and DPL is here for you. We support you fangirling, nerding out, and letting your freak flag fly at the Convention Center June 17-19 (okay....and all other times, too).

First of all, if you'll be attending the event, DPL is presenting four panels and will have two tables. Here's where you can find us:


by Neil Gaiman

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The town Wall is named after the large wall that resides there. This wall only has one opening, which is guarded day and night by the townspeople as no one is allowed to go through from either side. The other side is not a competing neighbor, but a magical land...

Upcoming Book Choices for the Central Library Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

We're starting the new year right at the Central Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club by reading some really excellent books! If you're interested in contemporary sci-fi and fantasy, this is the book club for you! We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 6:45 in the Burnham Hoyt book club room which is on Level 1, north east side.


How to Cope When You've Run Out of Jane Austen Novels

The only known portrait of Jane Austen, looking slightly crabby.

When once asked if he read novels, philosopher Gilbert Ryle responded: "Oh yes, all six every year."  Ryle didn't live in a time where there were only six published novels. What he meant was that there were only six novels worth reading—and those were the six novels of Jane Austen. December 16, 2015 marks Austen's 240th birthday. 

Adult Sci-fi and Fantasy book club at the Central Library

Ancillary Justice

We had a great first session of the new adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club! There is a pretty even divide between Planners and People Who Don't Know What Planning Is (I'm emphatically in the second camp) so as a compromise, we're planning about 3 months in advance. I may have done some breathing exercises to handle the forethought required.

First meeting of the adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club at Central!

I love this book. You should love it too.

The first meeting of the Central Library's Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club is Tuesday, 6 October from 6:45-8 p.m. We're meeting in the 1st floor book club room which is in the Burhnam Hoyt room (where the new books are) on the NE side of the Library.


Sci-fi and Fantasy book club for adults at the Central Library starts on Tuesday, 6 Oct from 6:45-8 PM

This is Middle Earth from space. Of course.

Lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy rejoice! By popular demand (well, polite request, really), the Central Library is starting a sci-fi and fantasy book club for adults.


We're going to meet on either a Monday or Tuesday evening from 6:30 or 7 to 8. Please leave a comment saying what would be the best day and time for you. I'm thinking the first Monday or Tuesday because that's pretty easy to remember.


by Doug TenNapel

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     If you've never read a Doug TenNapel graphic novel then you are missing out. He writes books that are full of action adventure and a few chuckles as well. The title of this book caught my attention as I could not imagine how a graphic novel could revolve...

Plaza Voices: Películas de ciencia ficción y fantasía

Cover of Sleep Dealer/Traficante de Sueños, available from DPL

This week, our regular contributor Desiree S. writes:

Robots! Aliens! Time travel? What do these things share in common (other than being awesome)? They are all subjects of movies you can check out at DPL while also improving your Spanish speaking skills.

The screaming staircase

by Jonathan Stroud

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The audio book version was terrifically performed!

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