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The Ashford affair

by Lauren Willig

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This is one of those my-family-has-an-old-secret novels, set with dueling narratives between post-WWI England and present-day New York. The secret drives the plot far less than the complex characters do, making the overall reading experience intriguing but not necessarily page-turning.


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This documentary broke my heart. It’s about the displacement of animals during the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. It’s also about the rescue and adoption of stray pets and inevitable custody battles between the new owners and evacuated owners from New Orleans. It has heart wrenching footage of the evacuation and...

It hasn't been a Norman Rockwell painting, but it's been a fun trip

Norman Rockwell's Family Vacation

I often looked at Norman Rockwell paintings and felt a twinge of jealousy -- wishing that those perfect scenes had been a part of my life story. Then I found out that even Norman Rockwell wished that the scenes he painted had been a part of his real life.

In truth, Rockwell was born in New York City in 1894 and lived a hard-scrabble childhood on the wrong side of the tracks. So his paintings of scrubbed up Americana are really just his own yearnings for a life he never had. The life he did have was exciting and full of creativity and he left a lasting artistic legacy in the hundreds of paintings he did for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, Life and other magazines.

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