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The long Earth

by Terry Pratchett

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Man, I love the concept that makes up the foundation of this novel. I just wish the authors had built a firmer story upon it. In the near future, humanity has discovered the ability to “step” into an infinite number of parallel Earths, each slightly different from the last. Most...

Down the great unknown : John Wesley Powell's 1869 journey of discovery and tragedy through the Grand Canyon

by Edward Dolnick

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Imagine being the first to float down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. That’s the story told in this great adventure book. John Wesley Powell and his companions didn’t know what challenges they would face. In 1869 when the group set out there were no available records about the...

Winfield : living in the shadow of the Woolworths

by Monica Randall

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I was so sad that this Armchair Architectural Salvage Adventure had to end.  Monica Randall grew up exploring the abandoned mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast and later grew up to live in one.  Rife with atmosphere, intrigue and history this is a true tale any historic preservationist or urban...

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