Reviews and Blog Posts: evolution

Ubiquitous : celebrating nature's survivors

by Joyce Sidman

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Brightly and beautifully illustrated, this poetry book includes a poem to one of nature’s survivors on one page and a scientific explanation on the opposite page. The author and illustrator begin with bacteria and end with humans 4.6 billion years later. Along the way, we meet mollusks, lichens, sharks, beetles,...

The violinist's thumb : and other lost tales of love, war, and genius, as written by our genetic code

by Sam Kean

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What do you know about DNA? Want to know more? Be entertained while you learn and pick up this book! Kean covers everything from how DNA works and how scientists sequence it to the many controversies studying DNA has contributed to. Do cat hoarders have altered DNA that compels them...

The stuff of life : a graphic guide to genetics and DNA

by Mark Schultz

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Did you ever wish that you understood what people were talking about when they mentioned DNA, RNA, and genes? Do you hear things about gene therapy and cloning and wonder how they really work? Or maybe you've just gotten to a section on genetics in your science class in school...

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