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The last kings of Sark : a novel

by Rosa Rankin-Gee

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The nostalgia of an idyllic island summer is fully felt in this debut novel. Recent college graduate Jude (not the expected young man) has been hired to tutor 16-year-old Pip for the college exams he has no intention of passing. Along with the Pip's family's cook, Sofi, the young almost-adults...

Velvet. Volume 1, Before the living end

by Ed Brubaker

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Globe trotting spy action that follows who everyone thinks was the secretary to the director of the Allied Reconnaissance Commission, but, as we learn, who has a past that is more action-packed. The story takes place from the 1950s to the 1970s (the 70s being "the present"), so the spies...

A tribute

Cycling. The sport of professional cycling is one of the most unique, bizarre and passionate sports viewed and participated in worldwide.

Two days ago, pro-cyclist Wouter Weylandt from Belgium, age 26, died on a descent just 12.4 miles from the finish line during the Giro D'Italia pro-cycling tour of Italy.

The sport of professional cycling yields danger each day as cyclists bike up to 244 kilometers (+) or 155 miles per day for up to three weeks straight, with perhaps a two or three day break the entire time.

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