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Guests of the Sheik : an ethnography of an Iraqi village

by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

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Guests of the Sheik is the firsthand account of Elizabeth Warnock Fernea's experience living in an Iraqi village for several years in the 1950's with her anthropologist husband. I loved the book because it was a very open, sincere look into a culture and a time that I knew little about.

Sugar's life in the hood : the story of a former welfare mother

by Sugar Turner & Tracy Bachrach Ehlers

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University of Denver anthropologist Tracy Bachrach Ehlers spent several years in the mid-to-late-90s interviewing "Sugar Turner," a former welfare mother and caretaker to five children, to learn about life in an inner-city neighborhood and the challenges faced by modern-day low-income women.  Ehlers approaches Sugar's story as an ethnography, inserting fieldnotes...

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