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We Won't Get Too Comfortable, David

David Rakoff lost his long battle with cancer on August 9. He was 47. A unique literary voice and humorist, in his writing, Rakoff was a self-effacing, cheerful cynic. 

I fell in love with David Rakoff's writing when my friend, Ron, told me that he thought David and I were alike in our cynicism, pessimism and (I suppose) in utilizing them to get a laugh. Shortly after that, I received all of David's books in the mail; my friend decided I should find out for myself. 


by Nick Hornby

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A mixed tape in book form, this book of essays is a personal account of songs that have affected the life of the author of High Fidelity. It's not just a list of Hornby's favorites, it's also a funny and moving life story told through music.

Havanas in Camelot : personal essays

by William Styron

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Initially I picked this book up because I love cigars. Upon reading, I was surprised it was a collection of personal essays, remembrances, of a very well lived life.  I wish Stryon were alive so I could buy him a drink and a cigar…I have so many questions.

Silk parachute

by John McPhee

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It doesn't matter if any of the topics McPhee writes about are personal interests of the reader or not. He makes them fascinating. His essays were completely engaging; I enjoyed this book immensely.

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