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Emily's dress and other missing things

by Kathryn Burak

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The book was a bit slow for me in the beginning, but if you have enough patience to get through the story starts unfolding wonderfully.  Claire, who is just trying to get through senior year feels like the it will never happen for her because her past will always haunt...

Oversized Treasures

Emily Dickinson's Herbarium. Houghton Library, Harvard University

Books, like plants, come in varied shapes and sizes. An "oversize" book requires more shelving space to insure easy access and browsing.

The Central Library's oversize collection located on the second level features many treasures including a facsimile of Emily Dickinson's Herbarium. A popular activity during the Victorian age, Dickinson notes her own work on a herbarium at age 14. Her love of flowers and their symbolic imagery is reflected in much of her poetry throughout her life.

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