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Stitching, Soup, and Scandals!

Felt skull

Have fun this weekend with a Fresh City Life My Branch program--learn some stitches, eat some soup, or hear about Denver's scandals! Business minded folks, check out the display class on Monday!

Here are your choices for adult cultural programs on Saturday, October 6:

10 a.m. at Schlessman: Dr. Eric Zacharias, author of The Mediterranean Diet: A Clinician's Guide for Patient Care, will share the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Not just for doctors!

Kamikaze girls Shimotsuma monogatari

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A story of the unlikely friendship between two girls living in rural Japan. One is obsessed with the lifestyle and frilly dresses of 18th Century France while the other imagines herself as a tough biker, even though she's a teenage girl on a scooter. They are brought together by, get...

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