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The darkest part of the forest

by Holly Black

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As long as most of the residents of Fairfold could remember there was a horned boy in a glass coffin in the woods and now he’s gone.  His disappearance starts a cycle of mysterious events, more mysterious than what usually happens in Fairfold.  Brother and sister, Ben and Hazel Evans...

The hobbit an unexpected journey

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   I had read author J. R. R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit" and I watched this movie specifically to see if director Peter Jackson would stay true to the original work. I should not have worried though because Jackson does an excellent job of both tying into the aforementioned trilogy...

Cassowaries, Quetzels, and . . . Elves?


A recent after hours lecture at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science yielded a bit more than stuffed animals. The world class dioramas include a bit of whimsey by one artist.

Usually painters sign their work with their name but Kent R. Pendleton, one of the diorama artists, painted elves (some argue they are leprechauns) into his work. The Museum staff know visitors with binoculars usually mean one thing: elf hunt!

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