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Syndrome E

by Franck Thilliez

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The first of Thilliez's novels to be translated into English, this mystery encompasses neuroscience, 2 loner detectives, and horrifying incidents all over the world. An unsettling film and several murders set detective Lucie Henebelle and Inspector Franck Sharko to investigating a series of crimes that reach back to the 1950s...

Apricots on the Nile : a memoir with recipes

by Colette Rossant

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First of two memoirs, Colette recalls her childhood in Cairo and those she loved while there. When her father dies, Colette lives with her grandparents while her distant mother comes in and out of her life. Colette's story is enhanced with a sampling of recipes from an interwar Cairo. I...

The lost dinosaurs of Egypt

by William E Nothdurft

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What?!  Why have we not heard more about this?  Pictures and everything!  If you think you've read everything there is to read on Egyptology, this will be a surprising read.


Compared to werewolves, vampires, ghosts and zombies, mummy movies are few and far between. If mummy movies are your favorite, don't get unraveled, enjoy this list of mummy mayhem!

Tut, Tut! It Looks Like Fun!

King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs is currently exhibiting at the Denver Art Museum. 50 objects from the tomb of the legendary ruler are on display including golden sandals straight from the king's feet!

Egypt's other legendary rulers, Khafre and Hatchepsut, have artifacts on display as well.

Did you know that Tutankhamun's mother was Nefertiti? Astonishingly, he became pharaoh when he was just 9 years old. Perhaps less shocking, he didn't live to see 20. Many speculate that his life was snuffed out by foul play.

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