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If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

Question Of The Week

Our “Question of the Week” stirs up some great discussion. Check out some of the responses we heard when we asked about superpowers.

Every week we have a new question in the Children’s Library at the Central Library. Our most recent question was, "If you could have one superpower, what would it be?" Kids from two to twelve years old came in and shared their ideal superpower with us.

Some of the fantastic responses included:

Something to do

by David Lucas

Reviewer Rating:

Baby bear is bored. There's nothing to do. So baby bear wakes up papa bear. They go for a long walk and find a stick. When the stick breaks, they discover they can write with the broken pieces. Papa draws one line, baby bear draws another, and soon they have...

Ned's new home

by Kevin Tseng

Reviewer Rating:

Ned the worm has found the perfect home Until it begins to rot! Where will Ned live now? Join him as he looks for a new place to live, makes new friends, and learns what doesn't make a good home.

Chicken soup

by Jean Van Leeuwen

Reviewer Rating:

All of the barnyard animals see the farmer getting out her big soup pot and they start whispering, "She's making chicken soup, run for your lives!" But little chick has a cold and can't run as fast. He hides in all kinds of places, but they just make him sneeze!...


by Barbara Lehman

Reviewer Rating:

Rainstorm is a wordless picture book that tells the story of a boy who has to entertain himself in a big, old house during a rainstorm. He finds a key that opens a trunk that mysteriously leads to an island in another world where there are children to play with...

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