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I really enjoyed this documentary. The imagery is stunning and it covers a lot of in-depth information on both whales and dolphins. I found it very interesting because it features more than the popular species and more than their typical behaviors. The second time I watched it I realized there...

The Cove

The Cove

I watched The Cove last week and am still thinking about it. I was aware of the premise of The Cove - the hunting of dolphins in Japan - but was not prepared for the intense emotional impact of seeing how this "hunt" was actually carried out.

Richard O'Barry, the man who started as as the trainer of TV's Flipper in the 1960s, had a change of heart after working with bottlenose dolphins for many years. He leads a special ops-like team to photograph and show the world the herding and slaughter of thousands of dolphins in the Japanese coastal town of Taiji. What we see in the film is remarkable, and indescribably sad. However, the senseless killing of these intelligent animals is only part of the tragic story, and will lead to horrible repercussions for many years to come.

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