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The Tangier diaries 1962-1979

by John Hopkins

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The summer before his senior year at Princeton, Hopkins and a friend head to South America to explore a business deal. The experience proved life-changing and upon graduation, they commit themselves to seeing the world. At the time, Peru was Hopkins' first love but in 1962 he sets up residence...

After Iris

by Natasha Farrant

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Bluebell tells this story in a mixture of diary entries and video transcripts – it is the story of life in the family in the years after her twin sister Iris dies. A bit sad, but a well told story with some funny moments. Recommended for grades 4-8.

The carbon diaries 2015

by Saci Lloyd

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Do you think climate change is a problem? Ever thought about the day-to-day, real life consequences of things like shifting weather patterns, fuel shortages, and nations struggling with what to do to lower their energy use? For a glimpse at a possible near future, take a peek at Laura's diary....

My most excellent year : a novel of love, Mary Poppins, & Fenway Park

by Steve Kluger

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TC, Augie, and Ale are the best of friends now, but it wasn't always that way. In a series of diary entries, instant messages, and e-mails from their freshman year of high school, they each look back at how they were brought together by a deaf kid with an obsession...

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