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Book Discovery: Baby, It's Cold in Space

As the weather starts to chill and snow starts to fall I get the unavoidable desire to delve into the desolate and far colder realm of outer space.

Transmetropolitan : back on the street

by Warren Ellis

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Starting this series was a little tedious as the descriptions of the character Spider Jerusalem can be a bit redundant for a fan of Hunter S. Thompson. I stuck with this series though and it has paid off. The vivid, detailed cyberpunk illustrations of this comic series make it incredibly...

Ready player one : a novel

by Ernest Cline

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Growing up in a poverty and famine-ridden near future, Wade Watts, like most of humanity, spends the majority of his waking hours plugged in to a virtual reality simulator to escape the horror of his daily existence. Wade becomes obsessed with a contest within this virtual utopia that involves solving...

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