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Cinnamon and gunpowder

by Eli Brown

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"Cinnamon and Gunpowder" follows the story of Owen "Wedge" Wedgewood following his kidnapping onto a pirate ship where he is expected to cook extravagant meals to preserve his life.  Despite Wedge's addition to the ship, they continue their plans to foil the Pendleton Trading Company.  As this book began, I...

On the noodle road : from Beijing to Rome, with love and pasta

by Jen Lin-Liu

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An enjoyable journey from China to Italy, with many stops in between, to look at food history and traditions. The author's original goal was to try to figure out if noodles had really come to Italy from China or vice versa, or something in between. Of course, food, culture, and...

If you didn't wake up singing the Marseillaise, c'est la vie

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The lush Loire Valley, fragrant pain au chocolat, soaring Eiffel Tower, and haute couture may be thousand miles away. A good read for the Francophile is not.

Beacoup fiction, travelogues, and memoirs abound with French and Parisian themes:

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