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The coldest winter ever

by Sister Souljah

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       In college I  heard Sister Souljah speak at a forum held at my school and I remember her words were very powerful and  moving. Certain things she said had the auditorium in rapt attention.  This novel is no different. I went into it with low expectations but...

TV and Comics--A Great Combination


You've probably noticed that many new and returning television series have their roots in the comic book world. Whether the shows are strictly based on certain titles (most aren't) or inspired by characters and worlds originally created by comics writers and artists, you can enrich your viewing experience by delving into the backstory of your new favorite hero or antihero.

Here's a list of some TV to comics ties and suggestions for reading to get you started:

Tatiana : an Arkady Renko novel

by Martin Cruz Smith

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In the latest of the Arkady Renko series by Martin Cruz Smith, Renko investigates the death of a well-known Russian journalist. This story is combined with a tale about the corruption that is endemic in business and politics. Smith isn’t afraid of showing the dark side of human nature. This...

Line of duty. Series 1

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  Chief Inspector Tony Gates is a loving father and dedicated officer who solves cases in his own hard nosed style.  It seems though that his solve rate is too good to be true so for this reason a special task force begins investigating him and his team. This isn't...

At Risk

by Patrickia Cornwall

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State investigator Win “Geronimo” Garano has a feeling he’s being taken for a ride by the powerhouse DA, Monique Lamont. He’s been sent to Kentucky to study advanced forensics, until he is abruptly called back to Boston to take on a cold case. Lamont has every intention of riding this...

Sleepless night Nuit blanche

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   The film starts off with a classic gangster flick smash and grab and immediately you think that the two characters are gangsters. Not so, however; Vincent is a devoted father, husband and police officer. He masterminded the theft of drugs as part of a larger plan which is revealed...

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Pop Quiz

There's no better way to ease into the new school year than with a pop quiz. For every tagline below, guess the corresponding movie title. No pencil or paper needed for this challenge but please, do keep your eyes on your own screen.

To get started, click the link for the title and place a hold for those you haven't seen or wish to view again for extra credit. (The Library doesn't give extra credit but it sure sounds motivating.)

Hint: all movies feature middle school or high school angst without one John Hughes film in the mix.

Animal kingdom

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A different kind of coming of age story, 17 year old Joshua slowly begins to understand the family business. There are some true psychopaths in the mix but nothing is more horrific than Janine, Josh's grandmother. The actor Jackie Weaver does such a good job playing Janine, you will be...


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I'll see anything Danny Boyle puts out there. Turns out the struggle with drug addiction is timeless and this film is as relevant today as it was when first released in 1996.


Rage is back

by Adam Mansbach

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Kicked out of school, Dondi stumbles upon his estranged father, "Rage," who has come back to NYC to settle an old score.  A legendary graffiti artist, "Rage" revives a network of "ninjas" from New York's glory days to paint the town every imaginable color.  Written in a first-person cadence that quickly draws you in, this novel...

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