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Mindfulness at Noon: Creativity and Innovation Would Like to Say a Few Words


Artists and designers must use creativity and innovation in their work but even if you don't work in what you consider to be a creative field, you still use creativity in your day-to-day life. We're all creative with our homes, schedules, money, and relationships, and we have to be creative to solve problems at work and at home. We're all designers, even if the only thing we design today is dinner! So how can we use mindfulness to encourage creativity and innovation in any task?

How we got to now

by Steven Johnson

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Based on his book by the same title, Steven Johnson's How We Got To Now is a fascinating look at how seemingly simple concepts such as clean water, marking time, and keeping things cold have led to huge leaps forward in technological/industrial/scientific advances, connecting past innovation to where we are...

TEDxMileHigh: Are you going?


The fifth annual TEDxMileHigh is this Saturday, June 13, at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, and the good news is we can help you get that TED Talk fix even if you are not lucky enough to attend this year, or if you go and you love it so much you just gotta have more!  Not only do we have computers available for public use at all of our locations so you can watch previous TED Talks online, we also have

LEGO architecture : the visual guide

by Philip Wilkinson

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I'd like to first of all admit that, yes, I do realize that this beautiful book could first and foremost be described as a very large, elaborate advertisement for LEGO toys, and yes, my son has not stopped asking for any of the builder sets featured, but this in no...

Plaza Voices: Creativity in the Community

Family working together in a Plaza art program.

Karen D., a Plaza staff member, writes:

LEGO® Building Contest 2014 - Building Books!

Pete the Cat form 2013 contest

Grab your LEGO® bricks, fire up your imagination and recreate a scene, character or even the cover of your favorite book!

The theme for this year's contest is Building Books! Start building a scene, character or cover of a book today. We are accepting entries at participating locations April 1 through April 7.

LEGO basically means, "play well." Whatever category you fall under; Preschool-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, 6th-12th grade or Team, have fun and we'll see you in April!

Drop by any of these participating library locations to pick up an entry form and look for additional LEGO® programming:

Marbles : mania, depression, Michelangelo, & me : a graphic memoir

by Ellen Forney

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The comic book author takes us on her journey of coming to terms with her bipolar diagnosis, her search for the right combination of medicines to keep her “in balance,” and her struggle with the possibility of the illness affecting her art and how. It’s a fascinating story made even...

Manage your day-to-day : build your routine, find your focus, and sharpen your creative mind

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A great collection of essays from an amazing collection of creative minds. Some of my favorites were: Scheduling in Time for Creative Thinking - Cal Newport; Making E-mail Matter - Aaron Dignan; and Letting Go of Perfectionism - Elizabeth Grace Saunders. However, there are so many interesting and provocative tidbits...

Catching the big fish : meditation, consciousness, and creativity

by David Lynch

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You don't need to "get" David Lynch to be wowed by this book. He describes the process of trolling the waters of consciousness via meditation to catch the big idea. I picture Lynch, however, surfing an undulating wave and art happens when he rides the crest. Either way, discipline is...

Thinking About Thinking

Thinking Fast and Slow

In this season of resolutions to eat better and work out more, the mind can often get overlooked as a vital place to make important changes. If you're looking to exercise your brain, here's a variety of books that provided me with a steady diet of challenging ideas and new ways of thinking.

  • Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman :: The title refers to the two systems of our brain which dictate our decision making. The first is fast, impulsive, and emotional. The second is slower and more rational. Although we think we are being rational most of the time, Kahneman contends that our brain in an effort to be more efficient takes shortcuts that lead to poor decisions made in complete confidence of the decision maker. Information and research heavy, but worth the mental workout.
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