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Niche and Cozy: DIY Your Own Mystery Title

A wall of cozy mysteries: where sweet and sinister collide.

When you look at a bunch of mystery books grouped together (say, at your local library), you probably notice that alongside those edgy-looking covers from Gillian Flynn or Scandinavia is more than a little pastel. These are what is known as "cozy mysteries." Last week, I wrote for the Movies Blog about British crime dramas with a non-London setting. Most of those I mentioned are people who deal with crime as part of their jobs: police officers, journalists, private investigators.

Winners of the Agatha and Edgar awards are in!

Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel

On May 1, 2014 the Mystery Writers of America chose the winners for their prestigious Edgar Award. Here is a list of the winner for each category.

The pigeon pie mystery

by Julia Stuart

Reviewer Rating:

This is a charming cozy mystery set in Victorian England among the "grace and favour" set.  While reading I learned many interesting facts about arsenic, and India, how to avoid bill collectors, and how to bicycle in the 1890s. Princess Mink and her maid Pooki are a wonderful comic duo,...

A simple murder

by Eleanor Kuhns

Reviewer Rating:

An itinerant weaver during colonial times has developed a reputation for solving crimes. In this case, William Rees becomes involved in a murder at a Shaker community which allows readers to see the surface and underside of that particular life style. Throughout there is a contrast between insiders and outsiders,...

Introducing Agatha Raisin : The quiche of death ; The vicious vet

by M. C Beaton

Reviewer Rating:

In this two-in-one set we are introduced to irascible Agatha Raisin. Having worked hard all of her life Agatha clawed her way up from a slum in Birmingham to become a top Marketing Executive in Mayfair, she decides to "sell up" and take an early retirement in the charming Cotswolds....

New Cozy Mysteries

Cookie Dough or Die

Murder can ruin a perfectly good day. The sleuths in these new mystery titles are determined to get on with their lives even if it means solving a crime at the most inopportune time!

The "detectives" in cozy mysteries aren't usually CSI experts but rather everyday people who happen to stumble across dead bodies or have friends who need help. 

Many sleuths become resident experts in their often small communities. And like a really good cookie, one cozy mystery is never enough.

Here are a few, first titles in new mystery series available at the Library:

Lilian Jackson Braun 1913-2011

Popular mystery writer, Lilian Jackson Braun passed away earlier this week in South Carolina at the age of 97. Her "The Cat Who ..." series began in 1966 with The Cat Who Could Read Backwards and includes 29 mystery novels and at least 2 short story collections.

The most recent books in the series included:

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