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Fortune's pawn

by Rachel Bach

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Devi Morris is a woman with a plan. After flying through the ranks in the Blackbird Company - an elite armored mercenary group- Devi is looking for more. She joins the crew of the Glorious Fool in hopes that her performance there will land her in the elite military group,...

The Dark Hills divide

by Patrick Carman

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The Dark Hills Divide, the first in the Land of Elyon trilogy, is told from the point of view of Alexa Daley, the twelve year old daughter of a prominent politician. Each year the pair traverse the walled-in roads to the fortress city of Bridewell, where Alexa does everything she...

The United States of paranoia : a conspiracy theory

by Jesse Walker

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In The United States of Paranoia, Jesse Walker argues that American conspiracy theories do not necessarily define us as a culture, but the fact that we believe in conspiracy theories does define us as a culture.  Therefore, Walker suggests, conspiracy theories should be embraced as American folklore.


by Marcus Sakey

Gifteds. Brilliants. Abnorms. Twists. Whatever you call them, they've changed the world. True genius used to come once in a generation. Now, 1 in 100 children are born extraordinarily gifted in various ways--reading body language, tactics, medicine, numbers. Though a small minority of the population, the "normals" feel threatened by...


by Malinda Lo

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Oh man! This is one of my favorite books of the year! Flocks of birds across North America are causing planes to crash. Reese, her debate partner David, and their teacher are stranded in Phoenix. Things are getting ugly at the airport so they decide to drive home to San...

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