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Shelf Life & Adventures in Podcasting

Some of the Shelf Life crew in the studio

Have you ever had a story you wished that the world could hear? Do you have an idea that absolutely needs sharing? Podcasting is a fantastic and easy way to bring your thoughts to life, and the Denver Public Library has many great tools to help you get started. We were so excited about podcasting here at the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch library that we had the idea to create our own podcast -- one where we could share our favorite books, movies and music; interview local community leaders, and provide news about upcoming events.

The Final Event of the Seldom Screened Cinema Series 2013

The series wraps with special guest Dr. Brenda Allen.

The Seldom Screened Cinema: Identity: Perception, Social Misconception and Self-Determination series is coming to a close. This year's film series focused on the many aspects of identity in the African American community and how identity is shaped by internal and external forces.

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