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Essentialism : the disciplined pursuit of less

by Greg McKeown

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If you've adopted "the undisciplined pursuit of more" don't look for a "less is more" solution. McKeown shares his blueprint for "less is better."  Learn discernment and enjoy the small wins at work and home. Choice, clarity, and focus beget the next right action.  Add play, joy, and "no" to...

How to hug a porcupine : 101 ways to love the most difficult people in your life.

by Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis

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Everyone loves animals and accepts their hardwired behavior. You can't change a Tasmanian devil. But when it comes to people, we often have opportunities to help ourselves or others play well and feel loved. Dr. Ellis reminds the reader there is a "porcupine within us all." If you, a friend,...

Plaza Voices: Exploring New Ways of Talking to One Another

Hands of Plaza participants

Hi, my name is Will Smith--no not that Will Smith, I’m the OTHER Will Smith! I have been involved with Plaza since the beginning. I’ve mostly been sharing basic computer skills with folks who have little computer experience, or helping people solve specific computer problems.

iBrain : surviving the technological alteration of the modern mind

by Gary Small

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The advert for this book could read, "This is your brain on technology." Whether you are a digital native or digital immigrant, technology can be friend and foe. As we become more connected, the authors recommend practicing the art of face-to-face communication, including exercising emotional intelligence so these skills don't...

Bridges, Bunnies, and Peeps!

Hand sewn bunny

Knitting or cooking, planning your garden or coming together to share stories--join us for a Fresh City Life My Branch program this weekend!

Saturday, March 16:

Celebrate spring by making a Hand Sewn Felt Bunny! There's still space in this class at Schlessman at 10 a.m., register today: 720-865-0000 or

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