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Fashion! Turn To the Stacks from Reference Room Wanderings

The Fashion Book Cover

Who better to kick off this blog about fashion than the iconic David Bowie who inspired millions with his music and funky clothing choices? No one, RIP Bowie your legend lives on. (Feel free to bug your co-workers by blasting Fashion loudly while reading this blog.)

Winter Fun With Froggy

Froggy Gets Dressed

It's about to get cold in Denver! If you're looking for some indoor fun for your little one try brainstorming creative activities after reading a favorite picture book.

I love Jonathan London's Froggy books, and one of my favorites is Froggy Gets Dressed. Froggy doesn't care that frogs are supposed to hibernate in winter. He's ready to play in the snow. He is so excited to go outside that, despite his mother's reminders, he forgets to put on the appropriate winter garb.

Here are a few fun things you can do after reading this book:


by Shōichi Aoki

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Fabulous, weird strange ugly beautiful amazing living fashion just love this series, there is another one that DPL owns called "Fresh Fruits" check it out!

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