Reviews and Blog Posts: Chicano

Cesar Chavez

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This movie was produced by Diego Luna, which he has proven to be a great director. I believe the actors were also a great fit for their roles. The story was somewhat sped up because it was a two hour movie, but it was still done with integrity. I think...

Always running : la vida loca, gang days in L.A.

by Luis J. Rodriguez

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Luis Rodriguez is a witness and survivor of the heartbreaking cycle of poverty and violence that is the reality of East Los Angeles.  The language he uses to express himself and his relationship with that reality carries you through his journey from gangster to activist, from punk to poet, like...

Desperado : a mile high noir

by Manuel Ramos

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       Set in Denver's North Side, Manuel Ramos noir centers around Gus Corral, a recently divorced second hand store manager who is down in the dumps. A chance meeting with an old high school acquaintance sets off a train of events with repercussions that stretch all the way...

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