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This is a great indie movie. And if you love food this movie is awesome. Carl leaves his current post at a restaurant because he isn't allowed the creativity he thrives while cooking. A food truck seems like the best option for him to find his creativity. Also, bonding...

Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child!

My Life in France

Julia Child, who many people consider the original celebrity chef, would have turned 100 on August 15. She inspired many to try their hands at cooking, make mistakes along the way, and have fun doing it!

The Denver Public Library has many of Julia's cookbooks, along with biographies of her and books written by those she worked with and inspired, not to mention DVDs of her show The French Chef. Julia came to cooking later in her life, and her years before she moved to France and learned to cook are also interesting to read about. How will you celebrate Julia's birthday?


Julia Child, The French Chef

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