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I know where your cat lives

Privacy on the Internet!

It's hard sometimes to imagine who might be doing what with the information you share online, or how much you should worry about it.

"I Know Where Your Cat Lives" is a new website that clearly illustrates the kinds of things that might be done with your—or your cat's—personal information.

From the site's about page:

Lost cat : a true story of love, desperation, and GPS technology

by Caroline Paul

Reviewer Rating:

This is an amusing illustrated story for any cat/pet lover. Many of us wonder what are pets are doing when we're not around. Author Caroline Paul and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton took this idea and ran with it after their cat Tibia disappeared for five weeks, then returned home. Where had...

Simon's cat vs. the world

by Simon Tofield

Reviewer Rating:

I was first introduced to Simon’s Cat as a series of wordless animated videos when it started in 2008, but the book form loses none of the original charm. Capturing the essence of the curious, annoying, loving, bossy, and self-centered cat, Simon Tofield’s simple drawings could represent any cat you...

I see Kitty

by Yasmine Surovec

Reviewer Rating:

I love Yasmine Surovec’s cat-lady blog/webcomic Cat vs Human, so I was looking forward to checking out the picture book she published. I See Kitty is sweet and minimalistic, centered around young Chloe’s wish to own a kitty for herself. She imagines she sees cats everywhere she goes, including hedges...

I could pee on this, and other poems by cats

by Francesco Marciuliano

Reviewer Rating:

I wanted to like this more than I actually did. Certainly, the pictures of adorable kittens help, but I really was hoping for better poetry. There are a few gems - "Why are you screaming?" (a tale of a gift gone wrong), "Separation"(an emotional story of betrayal), "And now we...

Grumpy cat : a grumpy book

by Grumpy Cat

Reviewer Rating:

Although I can't necessarily get behind the recent trend of taking internet sensations and turning them into books entirely, this one is definitely a keeper. Grumpy Cat is a great book to read when you are in bad spirits, if only because he's very relatable in that kind of mood....

Amusing Cats

Grumpy Cat

In the last few months, I have had the pleasure of reading three humorous books about cats.


Now, I like to laugh, but I have a hard time finding humor in books.  So imagine my delight when I heard myself laughing out loud to the vitriolic statements of Grumpy Cat, the existentialist musings of Henri or the pleas of the insanely possessive owner of Lost Cat.

Have you seen Marie?

by Sandra Cisneros

Reviewer Rating:

This short, beautifully illustrated (by Ester Hernandez) fable for grownups is not merely about the lost black and white cat of the title. Sandra is feeling lost and wonders at her 53-year-old orphan status when a friend comes to visit her in San Antonio, and the friend's cat runs off....

Kittens and Cats!

Cat's Colors

As the nights get longer and the days get shorter kids will be inside for longer periods of time. It is time to cuddle up and read some good stories.

Some of my favorite books to read aloud are about cats and kittens. Jane Cabrera author of the book Cat’s Colors has been writing and illustrating books for over 12 years. Cat’s Colors and Kitty’s Cuddles are two of the 40 books that Jane Cabrera has written which are about Cats.

Minette's feast : the delicious story of Julia Child and her cat

by Susanna Reich

Reviewer Rating:

This lovely picture book introduces kids to Julia Child via her cat, Minette. Wonderful vocabulary (including lots of French words--pronunciation guide in the back), beautiful illustrations by Amy Bates, and even  great Afterword and Notes sections talking about source. This book will delight anyone who is interested in cats, food,...

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