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The book of bunny suicides

by Andy Riley

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Ok – I’m a little late to the party but when the Bunny Suicides crossed my desk I knew it was time to read it. Cute little (but expressionless) rabbits that “off” themselves in very unique ways. This is the book for people who like sick humor or if you’re...

Marbles : mania, depression, Michelangelo, & me : a graphic memoir

by Ellen Forney

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Graphic artist Ellen Forney creatively offers an intimate and dead honest look at her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her lengthy journey to find the meds that would handle it without side effects that were too debilitating. Forney captures both the manic and the depressive ends of the spectrum in brilliant cartoons...

T-Rex trying--

by Hugh Murphy

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A silly collection of cartoons of poor T-Rex trying to do all kinds of things...that he can't do because of his short arms. Watch as T-Rex tries hang gliding, applying sunscreen, cleaning his ears, and more! A quick way to bring a smile to your day. More T-Rex fun here:...

ThunderCats, Ho!

They say you can never go back, but I guess you can reboot. Two of my favorite childhood TV shows return to the big and small screens this summer. In addition to The Smurfs film, Cartoon Network has relaunched ThunderCats! While the beloved Rankin & Bass animation has changed, many improvements have been made to the storyline and plot.

I must admit, I tried re-watching the original series a few years ago and was shocked that I could ever have enjoyed such a melodramatic, strange series. I thought that even as a child, my preferences were witty and urbane, emotionally complex, even. Re-watching the original series left me feeling old, disillusioned, and newly aware of just how golden memories of times gone by can really be. The updated series, based on the pilot alone, is a significant improvement and was delightful to watch.

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