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Alice & Oliver : a novel

by Charles Bock

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I heard Charles Bock (the author) interviewed on Fresh Air, and was intrigued by what he said about the book.  I found it incredibly tough to get through - so sad - but couldn't give up on it.  I imagine that writing the book was very helpful to him in...

Zac & Mia

by A. J. Betts

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This book was a great book to read. It did switch point of views between the two main characters, Zac and Mia.  Both characters have cancer and the struggles with the diesase are very different, but the only thing that brings them together is that they were treated in the...

Under this beautiful dome : a senator, a journalist, and the politics of gay love in America

by Terry Mutchler

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When Terry Mutchler and Penny Severns fell in love, the fact that one of them was a state senator in Illinois and the other the head of the AP bureau there wasn't the only issue they faced in their too-short 5 year relationship. While the ethics of a journalist dating...

The lucky ones : my passionate fight for farm animals

by Jenny Brown

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Alternating stories from her inspirational life and tales about the animals on the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Jenny Brown's The Lucky Ones is compelling and moving. Not even a little preachy, she shares her views compassionately and with a wealth of facts that can only come from years in the...

Survival lessons

by Alice Hoffman

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This was lovely to listen to. Advice, not just for those facing hardship, but for anyone. It’s a love letter to life and writing. And gleaned throughout is a bit of an autobiography of a wondrous writer who also happens to be a cancer survivor. There has been some talk...

The fault in our stars

by John Green

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I can't find anything wrong with this book.

Hazel Grace is sixteen.  She hasn't gone to high school for the last three years, has all but stopped hanging out with friends, and, oh yeah, she has cancer. In The Fault in Our Stars, John Green gives voice to these young, intelligent,...

Two “Big C’s”: Cancer and Communes. Great Summer Reading. I’m Not Kidding.

the fault in our stars

I’m reading this great book. It’s so hilarious that I’m literally snorting with laughter.
What’s it about?
(long, uncomfortable silence)

It’s also touching, and tragic, so keep the tissues handy.
I’m talking about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It's about two teens dealing with various aspects of cancer. As with most of his books, I’m totally smitten. The banter between characters is very highbrow. I don’t know any teenagers who really talk like Green’s characters, but he’s a skilled writer and his characters are enchanting and well-developed. This is a must-read for adults and older teens.

Hair Loss

Women and Alopecia: Managing Unexplained Hair Loss

Hair loss is never easy. It can affect individuals of all ages, including children.

People may be undergoing treatment for cancer or they may be healthy. Appearance is very important in our society so there is always the question of how to live with hair loss and still look attractive. Some individuals wear wigs, hats or go bald. Fortunately for us who live with hair loss the web can provide important information, support, and resources.

Recent Reads on Differences

As a person with a disability, I am always interested in new books about others who live with differences.

I have read three books lately. In The Anti-Romantic Child, Priscilla Gilman who is an expert on the poet, Wadsworth, intertwines his poetry as she describes her journey as a mother of a son with special needs. Elizabeth Bonker is an adolescent who has autism and writes poetry, though she is unable to speak. I Am in Here describes her life and how her parents have helped her.

Preparing for the Holidays & Living Well Always

Yes, it's that time of year already--time to start thinking about the winter holidays! How can Fresh City Life My Branch make your holiday season bright this year?

Start off this Wednesday, November 2 at 6:00 p.m. at the Smiley Branch with Sustainable Gifts for the Holidays. Learn how to make your own evergreen wreaths, cinnamon pine cones, and seed bomb gift bags. Reuse items that the land has to offer to make the winter season brighter for your family and friends. Presented by Kelly Watson of The Permaculture Project.

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