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American born Chinese

by Gene Luen Yang

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The stories of Jin Wang, new to his school but NOT new to the U.S., the Monkey King of Chinese Fable, and Danny and his cousin Chin-Kee all intertwine in this graphic novel. Jin wants to fit in at his new school not be made fun of for being Chinese-American....

7 days at the hot corner

by Terry Trueman

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This should be the best time of Scott's life: He's a star senior on the baseball team. His future in the big leagues is bright. He plays third base or the "hot corner," where anything can happen. Then he learns that anything can happen in life, too. An article about...


by Pete Hautman

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It's the late 21st century, and things are different. Bo's father and brother are in prison, like 1/3 of the men in the new USSA. Offenses like road rage and verbal assault carry heavy sentences, and the prisoners do most of the work of running the country. Bo realizes that...

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