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Poisoned apples : poems for you, my pretty

by Christine Heppermann

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I wanted to love this book, I really did. I love fairy tales and I love twisted tales so I thought this would be the perfect book of poetry for me. I will admit, I am not an avid poetry reader. I actually read this as my "outside your comfort...


by C. A. (Cheryl A.) Rainfield

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Sarah Meadows is 17, and can't wait to have her life change. She's lived with a port wine stain on her face, and the stares and bullying that come with it, all of her life. The day she thinks she will get her first treatment for it, her dad's business...


by Erin Jade Lange

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Butter is so obese that he doesn't even get teased at school any more--he is invisible. He has an online relationship with Anna, who has no idea who he really is, a few friends from FitFab, where he goes every summer, and his saxophone, which he turns to for comfort...

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