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Plaza Voices: Art Students League of Denver -- Exhibition and Video

Young girl drawing a picture in a Plaza program.

The Denver Public Library's Plaza program has partnered with the Art Students League of Denver to offer a collaborative workshop series designed to challenge immigrants of all ages to create their own art, respond to the ideas that art conveys, and experiment with new techniques and materials to showcase the many voices of our global community.

Scroll down to check out our latest video from Case Drury, featuring artist Tom Mazzullo!

Seven days in the art world

by Sarah Thornton

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If you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes of the contemporary art world, you may enjoy this ethnographic romp.  Thornton's research, compiled through interviews between 2004-2007, provides glimpses of a day in the life of artists and people who make art accessible: auction night at Christie's, a crit (student collective critique)...

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