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The Getty Villa

by Marion True

If you like: Roman Architecture, Antiquities, Museum Studies, Architecture, or Museum Architecture, this book is for you. Written by the now-disgraced Marion True (see "Chasing Aphrodite" in "If You Like" below) with Jorge Silvetti, it gives the story of the Getty Villa's recent upgrade. It's brilliant, thorough, accessible, and useful....

LEGO architecture : the visual guide

by Philip Wilkinson

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I'd like to first of all admit that, yes, I do realize that this beautiful book could first and foremost be described as a very large, elaborate advertisement for LEGO toys, and yes, my son has not stopped asking for any of the builder sets featured, but this in no...

Creatures in the Walls: Fossils at the Central Library

Belemnite fossil

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the fearsome basilisk emerged from its lair and slithered through the walls of Hogwarts. One look at its reflection left people petrified. Here at the Central Library, I'm happy to say we have no basilisks. But we do have creatures in our walls, and they were petrified--literally turned to stone--long ago.

A place of my own the education of an amateur builder

by Michael Pollan

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A Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams is Michael Pollan's second book, first released in 1997. This sophomore piece was published almost ten years before the very popular Omnivore's Dilemma. About Pollan's absorption into architecture and carpentry while building his own writing hut on his Connecticut property, this book lacks neither...

Tiny homes : simple shelter : scaling back in the century

by Lloyd Kahn

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What a cool book!  Lovely pictures of some of the most intriguing homes I've ever seen, along with interesting stories of each home's creation and the people who built them.  There are so many amazing, artistic, creative people within these pages, I just can't wait for you to meet them...

House : a memoir

by Michael Ruhlman

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This wonderful book explores the notion of home as the author and his family renovate a century-old house in Cleveland.  Although his defense of sprawl overlooks the physical distinction between streetcar suburbs and automobile suburbs, this is a great read for those who love old houses.

Micro : very small architecture

by Ruth Slavid

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I have recently been obsessed with little buildings, I fantasize about treehouses, writers retreats, rustic cabins, mobile homes (not like you're thinking!) This book runs the gamut of little houses: some amazing, some hideous, some prototypes some actual little tiny mobile houses (see page 123). makes me wish I had...

Winfield : living in the shadow of the Woolworths

by Monica Randall

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I was so sad that this Armchair Architectural Salvage Adventure had to end.  Monica Randall grew up exploring the abandoned mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast and later grew up to live in one.  Rife with atmosphere, intrigue and history this is a true tale any historic preservationist or urban...

Twelve rooms with a view : a novel

by Theresa Rebeck

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The contested inheritance of a multimillion dollar piece of historic New York real estate pits siblings and strangers against one another in a hilarious battle of the "will". In straightforward, unstinting language, we meet an unapologetically flawed protagonist and a bevy of other characters. As is the case in real life, in...

Exhibit: Pieces of Our Past

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May 7 - August 31
The Central Library, Gates Reading Room - Level 5

A two-part exhibit examining Denver's preservation history, developed by Historic Denver, Inc. and on display at the Molly Brown House Museum and the Denver Central Library. 

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