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Book Discovery: Baby, It's Cold in Space

As the weather starts to chill and snow starts to fall I get the unavoidable desire to delve into the desolate and far colder realm of outer space.

The end games

by T. Michael Martin

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I found it incredible the lengths teenage Michael would go to in order to keep his young brother safe and sane, creating an alternative reality for him and fighting zombies and nasty humans while scrounging for survival supplies.  The author does a pretty good job of keeping the reader guessing...

How I live now

by Meg Rosoff

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A vague, yet moving apocalyptic tale set in not-too-distant-future England. Fifteen-year-old Daisy is sent from New York to England to live with her aunt and four cousins. There are brief mentionings that all is not right with the world,  but Daisy seems to have an initially awkward, but pleasant time at...

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