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Apocalypse cow

by Michael (Journalist) Logan

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A zombie book that has a definite tongue in cheek vibe, Apocalypse Cow is the story of animals becoming zombies through government experiments causing the isolation of the British Isles. Having seen snotty (and I don’t mean snobby) cows, the descriptions of the cows sneezing brought back memories of visiting...

The Park Service

by Ryan Winfield

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The time is 900 years in a post-apocalyptic future and humanity lives underground. At 15 they are assigned their life jobs and at 35 they are retired to “Eden”.  Aubrey Van Houten, the main character, is assigned to work with the Foundation or Park Service.  A train crash strands him...

Monument 14

by Emmy Laybourne

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What happens when a group of teenagers is left to survive the effects of an earthquake in Colorado?  Emmy Laybourne writes this realistic take on a natural disaster with unnatural chemical side effects.  Monument 14 takes place in the next decade, when a major earthquake in the United States causes a chemical...

Countdown city

by Ben H Winters

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Sequel to the pre-apocalyptic novel, The Last Policeman, this story continues to entice as the world prepares in strange ways to go out with a bang in 70-odd days. The protagonist, ex-cop Henry Palace, is marvelous - serious, heroic and just plain interesting. Recommended for all including those...

What's the Plural of Apocalypse? DPL @ Comic Con, Survival, and the Caldera

Are you going to be at Denver Comic Con, May 31-June 2? Because lots of Denver Public Library folks will be there! Are you ready to face the end of the world with us?

Just one of DPL's many panels is entitled: It's the End of the World as We Know It: Books that Taught Us Survival Strategies for a Terrifying Future. Here's a brief description:

4:44 last day on earth

by Abel Ferrara

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Abel Ferarra's 4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011) marks the independent filmmaker's cinematic return to New York City.  Set in a Lower East Side apartment building on the eve of an apocalyptic environmental collapse, the film centers on an upper-class bohemian couple played by Willem Defoe and Shanyn Leigh.  Over the course of the film's...

What's the Plural of Apocalypse?

The Road

The Atlantic recently published a list of their favorite post-apocalyptic novels in anticipation of Peter Heller's new one, Dog Stars, which they predict will become a classic.

I've read 8 out of 11 (I'm embarrassed to admit that the ones I haven't read are the "classics"). How many have you read? Did they get the list right? Would you take any out? What would you add? And, most importantly, which one of the ones I haven't read (in bold) should I read next? Maybe we'll make it a Geeks Who Read Book Club selection for 2013!

2012: Are You Ready?

2012: The War for Souls

The year 2012 is fast approaching. To many writers, 2012 seemed like a good year far in the future in which to set their stories. Other books are centered around a prophecy that the world will end in 2012. Get ready for the new year with some fiction set in 2012!

Angel Fire East, Terry Brooks

2012 Airborne Prophecy, Nina Anderson

Apocalypse 2012 & The 2012 Codex, Gary Jennings

Domain, Steve Alten

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