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Zelda the varigoose

by Sebastian Loth

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In this gem of a picture book simple illustrations of Zelda the goose, from Remembering Crystal, are overlaid with transparent pages that transform her into animals like a goosnail, goosephant, and googiraffe. Zelda extols the virtues of the animal guises she puts on, but in the end Zelda admits she...


by Rosa Costa-Pau

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¿Has visto los elefantes en su nuevo recinto en el Parque Zoológico de Denver? Si quieres saber más sobre los elefantes, este libro es para ti. Puedes aprender dónde viven, cómo se relacionan, qué comen, y mucho más.

Who is Temple Grandin?

I saw the film Temple Grandin last week and can not stop thinking about this amazing, inspirational, woman! Temple Grandin has authored several books about animal behavior and her experiences with autism and her extraordinary way of seeing the connections between the two.

A sick day for Amos McGee

by Philip Christian Stead

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Amos McGee has a routine. Every morning he gets up, puts on his uniform, eats his oatmeal, and catches the bus to the zoo. Amos has many friends at the zoo and plays a special game with each one. One morning, Amos is sick and can't go to the zoo....

The Mystery of Cats

Join staff from Denver Dumb Friends League as we learn about African wildcats and the mysterious nature of the feline, big and small, on Saturday, October 23, at 2 p.m. at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library.

Interested in learning more about the big cats?

The Lives of Cats

Pets can be more than furry friends who have an enormous impact on the lives of their owners. Memoirs written from the cat's point of view or centered around a feline personality provide a unique perspective to our lives and relationships.

Denver is fortunate enough to have multiple organizations devoted to helping cats and kittens find a better life with caring human companions. The Cat Care Society is a cage-free shelter who also operates a thrift store called Cajun's Closet. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is another no-kill, cat dedicated, non-profit shelter operating here in Denver.

Mr. Putney's quacking dog

by Jon Agee

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Mr. Putney has lots of animal friends with unusual names. Can you guess their names? Who wakes up Mr. Putney in the morning? An ALARMADILLO! What do you call Mr. Putney's messy lobster lunch companion? A SLOBSTER! Readers are given clues to help them guess the name of each animal...

The cow loves cookies

by Karma Wilson

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Everyone on the farm eats their own type of food. The farmer feeds the horse hay, there's corn for the geese, and the pigs want their slop. But not the cow--the cow wants cookies! Kids will love this repeating, rhyming story--just make sure to have some cookies (and milk!) on...

Guinea Pig, pet shop private eye. No. 1, Hamster and cheese

by Colleen A. F Venable

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Sasspants is a guinea pig at Mr. Venzi's pet shop, where he sells llamas, walruses, and moose (also known as snakes, mice, and rabbits). Someone is stealing Mr Venzi's sandwiches and it's up to Hamisher and Sasspants to find the culprit!

Extraordinary pets

by Harriet Ziefert

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Yes, lots of kids have dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, and fish. But what would it be like to have a truly unique pet? One that swings, is wild and woolly, or walks tall? This lift the flap book will delight all animal lovers, and kids can try to figure...

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