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The diary of Edward the hamster, 1990-1990

by Miriam Elia

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NPR recommended this book so I read it.
Edward's life is so depressing.
Is humanity in a cage?
The black and white drawings kept me going.
I wanted to set all the hamsters free like Elliott set the frogs free in E.T.
My bird won't leave his cage. He is...

The one and only Ivan

by Katherine Applegate

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   Winner of the Newbery medal (for distinguished contribution to American literature for children) this book started off slowly but once it got rolling it was impossible to put down.  The events in this book are told from the perspective of Ivan, a gorilla whose domain (cage) is woefully undersized....

Eating animals

by Jonathan Safran Foer

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Jonathan Safran Foer is at a crossroads in his life. About to become a father, he suddenly feels the urge to write a book about eating animals. His impending fatherhood has made him realize many things about his life and the life and earth he wishes to leave for his...

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