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Total loss

by How to Dress Well

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This album has a contemporary feel and sounds something like a combination of Burial and Sigur Ros with a kind of a trip hop, ambient sound, but is more accessible. The songs have an eclectic range of influences from ‘80s r&b to ethereal noise. Unlike their previous album Love Remains, each...


by Burial (Musician)

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Burial has become one of my favorite bands as they combine many elements of rhythm in one of my favorite sprawling genres: ambient. It  has the feeling of trance but also has glitch beats, definitely could be categorized as experimental. The vocals are emotive leaning on r&b, but are distorted...

The Orb and David Gilmour, two great tastes that taste great together.....

CD cover of The Orb's Metallic Spheres

If you would have told me ten years ago that The Orb, who have never been shy about their art-rock and psychedelic leanings, would collaborate with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, I would have said "Yeah, I wish!"......well, I guess the Gods of Ambient grooves were listening because my wish just came true.

If you grew up listening to Pink Floyd or stealing your dad's Pink Floyd records like I did then you know the gigantic footprint that they left -and are still leaving- on the music industry. Spanning over decades, it is safe to say they have amassed an army of fans and influenced many composers and musicians as well, one of those being LX Patterson of The Orb.

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