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My drunk kitchen : a guide to eating, drinking & going with your gut

by Hannah Hart

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Hannah (she's real informal) is a Gen Y or Millennial and a talented spokesperson for her generation. John Green, only one of the most popular authors, wrote the introduction. But Hannah, a talented punster, does more in her anthem. She reveals the anxiety and tenderness under the narcissism often erroneously...

Test your knowledge! Alcoholic Drinks in the U.S.

Test Your Knowledge

You can learn a lot about something from a market research report or industry profile.  Really!  Take for instance the October 2013 industry profile on "Alcoholic Drinks in the United States."

How well do you know alcoholic drinks in the U.S.?  Take this quiz to find out:

The alcoholic drinks market consists of retail sale of beers, ciders & FABs, spirits and wines.  What are FABs?

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