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Fairyland : a memoir of my father

by Alysia Abbott

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Steve Abbott was a leading figure in the 1980s poetry scene, creating publications and organizing a community of poets including my personal favorites Judy Grahn and Robert Gluck. His passion for writing, building a community, and search for love meant he was not always present for his daughter. Part love...

Children and AIDS

Ryan White

The 24th Annual AIDS Walk Colorado is taking place August 13, 2011.  Who will you walk for?


Parents all over the world have lost children of all ages to AIDS.  Generations of families have been destroyed in Africa due to this disease.  Newspapers report the statistics but children and those who care for them, are the most articulate about the impact of AIDS on their lives.

Nasdijj says it best when asked why anyone would adopt a child with AIDS in his memoir The Boy and the Dog are Sleeping: "Because one comes to you.  Because you can."

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